7 brand experts share their favourite marketing campaigns

7 brand experts share their favourite marketing campaigns of 2016The holy grail for advertising hasn’t changed a bit – don’t just be recalled or remembered, but hit the sweet spot and become both share-worthy and meaningful. Keeping that basic tenet in mind, 2016 did witness some major innovation in the realm of digital marketing campaigns.

We bring to you a list of what experts across the Indian marketing landscape picked as their favourite campaign of the year.

Anshul Gupta, Brand Head, CouponDunia:

“For me it was Amazon’s ‘The Great Indian Diwali Sale’ campaign. The way they capture details is brilliant. Every Amazon ad beautifully integrates the product along with a great story. The 90-second TVC highlights many situations different family members come across during Diwali and how all of them are unified in celebrating the grand festival. These are so everyday situations- like giving ‘bakshish’ to a watchman, helping your brother put up Diwali lights, and yet they touch the emotional chord beautifully.”

Meera Iyer, Head of Marketing, Big Basket:

“I loved the referral campaign that GoIbibo ran through its videos. I thought it was a nice way to bring referral to life. I also liked Amazon’s #MomBeAGirlAgain campaign. It was thought provoking and touching.”

Manesh Swamy, Creative Director, Hungama Digital Services:

“In 2016, personally I went through some kickass and slick campaigns. After seeing them, I kind of went low-thinking on what stops me from thinking like this. JWT’s campaign ‘The next Rembrandt’ for ING is my favourite of this year because it’s a right mix of big data, technology and creativity. The Manboobs / Free the Nipple Campaign – the uniqueness of this idea was how they used the medium’s faults to drive home an important issue of breast cancer in a not so serious way. I’m a big fan of the Beats by Dr. Dre, and this time too they created yet another marvelous social campaign #StraightOutta. It was one of the most fun and engaging crowd-sourced/UGC idea.  Another favourite was Under Armour’s ‘Rule Yourself’ – Michael Phelps film. The thought ‘It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light’ is really deep and literally grows on you every time you see it. Droga5 never disappoints with their amazing story telling. After seeing the ad, you want to pick up an Under Armour product! Some great campaigns have come out of India as well. Nike India’s ‘Da Da Ding’ campaign is one of my favourite. Everything on the film was bang on the target. Firstly, they got rid of cricket, which was their focus for the last few years in India and shifted focus only on Indian women athletes. The song was my push-up anthem for some time. The recent Bajaj Vikrant’s ‘Invincible Indians’ campaign is something I really liked. The way they have told inspiring stories and weaved it around their brand is a worthy watch.”

Ajitesh Abhishek, Head of Marketing, Fitso:

“One creative campaign of Curofy sort of stuck with me. They launched ‘Engineer’s Math Puzzle for Doctor’, targeting the traditional engineer versus doctor divide on math. It was highly-targeted and well-received within the doctor’s community. The answer of the puzzle asked every day, was ‘1 lakh’, which was the verified doctor mark they hit that week. Another good thing about this campaign was consistent use of the hashtag #GrowthStory. On every statistic presented after their 1,000 mark, they stuck to this hashtag.”

Swati Nathani, CBO, Team Pumpkin:

“Digital marketing is really catching up all over the world. The recent Mannequin Challenge is my personal favorite. It started as an activity by American teenagers posting the video for fun in mid-October. But the trend got viral and every brand – from celebrities to politicians, from agencies to corporate – is leveraging this trend to increase their digital presence. Though it was not a planned digital marketing campaign, but it has certainly made a dent in the digital universe.”

Himanshu Bhagat, Head of Marketing, BabyChakra:

“There are two actually. ‘Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai’ by Faasos captures the essence of food and how important it is in our lives. Twisting a simple phrase to promote Faasos was an excellent idea, which is easy to recall for anyone. Other one is the #WeIndians campaign from Amazon, which captures our quirks and habits as Indians and how we love to shop. Initiatives live #AurDikhao and #ApniDukaan associated with the campaign totally cover the way we like to shop.”

Sharat Dhall, COO (B2C), Yatra.com

“I really loved the ‘JeetKaHalla’ campaign done by IndusInd Bank for para-athletes during the Rio Paralympics 2016. It was all about people who have triumphed against all odds and was truly awe-inspiring. It not only encouraged such athletes, but also portrayed the brand as a socially responsible one.”

What was your favourite?

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati is a senior content writer at BoringBrands. She churns out blogs and social media content for clients, when not busy fantazising and writing about her travel adventures. Debarati has previously worked as a correspondent with Reuters News and as a copy editor with HT Mint. Find her on Twitter @DasguptaDebbie

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