Airbnb’s new campaign is every backpacker’s dream come true.

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, the fernweh-ism, then surely the word ‘explore’ will please you. From those nooks and corners of far-flung villages to colossal blue islands – everything lures you like a cup of caffeine early in the day. You make elaborate travel goals for the year, save on luxuries to enjoy those mini getaways and have at least one bull’s eye in your travel journal.

But while you might plan everything out, is everything that accessible? Is travel that free? Or does ‘Fly like a bird’ remain just another idiom in the dictionary?

Well, then it’s time you add Sweden to your bucket list and you’ll probably justify your definition of exploration pretty well. In an unprecedented move, Sweden has listed down their entire country on Airbnb! Aligning with Airbnb’s philosophy to not just visit but live wherever you go, Sweden has opened access to the whole of its national territory!
What does this mean? Anybody in and from outside has the right to park mostly on any public property in Sweden! Underlining its law of ‘Explore the freedom to roam’ in the most glorious manner possible, Sweden has given a masterstroke here, and Airbnb has to be credited for this.

The viral campaign has not only taken travel junkies by surprise, but also gained much votes for Sweden’s tourist locales.

So backpackers, it’s time to live in Sweden like a local! Sleep under the stars, trek through the meadows, bird watch sitting at those cliffs, wander like a hippie and breathe like a true Swede. The campaign has already driven the point home that Sweden is the new traveler’s paradise and we are absolutely lovin’ it!


Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is the filmy keeda of the classroom, often found swaying to Bollywood songs but, vouching for Shakespearean literature at the same time. Most often trying to figure out her favorite between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, she otherwise writes to quench her soul, yes that’s what describes our content writer. You can check out her musings at @Dramchi

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