BabyChakra knows how to leverage social media right

BabyChakra knows how to leverage social media right  Whether you are looking to connect with other mothers, experts or childcare services, BabyChakra promises happier, healthier mothers and kids. This award-winning venture revolutionizes how parents learn about healthcare and education for their families. They bring forth one platform that brings all the help and support new parents need to have in one place. Himanshu Bhagat, Head – Marketing, BabyChakra, talks about how they are expanding their community with the power of social media and digital marketing strategies.

Tell us about your USP and business model. 

At BabyChakra, we are building a Trusted Care Companion for a young mother (from expecting to when the child is 5).  The platform enables mothers to make informed childcare decisions for all their needs spanning health and wellness, nutrition, education, travel and entertainment, et al. Through its website and Android APP, BabyChakra is able to make childcare easier for over 5 lakh mothers on a monthly basis.

Business Model: We have built out the services marketplaces for all things childcare – right from doctors, prenatal experts, playschools, nanny agencies, parks and play areas, to child-friendly restaurants. We are working towards facilitating social commerce where mothers / parents will be able to make review and content-based decisions on selecting a service, chat with the service provider through the APP and finally make payments. BabyChakra’s revenue will come as a commission on these transactions.

We are also deeply engaged with brands in the space of mother and baby care who leverage us for outreach and engagement with our strong community of moms in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

How did you get your first 1000 customers?

Well, we literally led the maternity-child space in India. When we started out, we had to reach out to influencer moms personally, who we identified through social connects, both online and offline. We also met and explained the proposition to a bunch of experts and service providers based in Mumbai.

What digital marketing campaigns have worked wonders for your brand this year?

Working in a niche and sensitive space, we need to be aware of how our consumers, to-be-moms and young parents – behave online. After multiple studies and A/B tests – we found out that most of the moms don’t have time for elaborate reading on their laptops. They are accessing internet in spurts on their mobiles and thus, social media (specifically Facebook), notifications and quick quality content consumption has worked well for us – across engagement and acquisition from digital media.

What social media strategies helped you get more customers and stay ahead of competition?

Facebook has over 195 million users in India. With a large chunk of users coming from mobile – it was important to be specific – with information and targeting to acquire customers. Hence, a strong role is played by your targeting options and content selection for consumption. A good match of these two helped us reach 500,000 + moms in India who are further helping us grow the strong community that we have.

How did you leverage the power of new-age content marketing to build brand awareness?

We partner with content and news-centric sites, which cater to women or success stories. This gives us a chance to position the bright MomStars/ Mompreneurs or those who have beautiful stories. While they love it, BabyChakra benefits from the good will.

Would you like to share some marketing tips with budding marketing managers?

I like to keep it very simple. Marketing is very closely associated with consumer behavior. If one is able to effectively understand consumer preferences, what she likes, dislikes – half the battle is won. The other half is dependent upon selecting the right channels and formats to reach out to the consumers with the right messaging.

What are the three traits you look at before hiring a marketer for your team?

I evaluate any candidate on multiple parameters before I hire. The most important is the ability to build a process and shape multiple tasks into relevant silos to them to fruition. Second is the ability to generate ideas and explore new aspects of marketing – but also have the ability to drive it to execution. Last but not the least, previous experience in executing projects and ability to learn and make relevant decisions from past experiences matters a lot.

What strategies help you retain customers?

Fulfilling users’ need at the right time helps in retaining customers. For us, it is fulfilled by providing quality information power backed with a trusted community customized to the user requirements. Strategy that has helped us retain customers is to segment our users by multiple traits and providing them quality content. This ensures that they derive the max out of BabyChakra and come back for more.

Do you believe in the power of email marketing?

Yes, absolutely. Email marketing is a potent low cost tool to reach out to our users with the relevant info. Be it for new announcements, engagement activities or making sure the users keep coming back to us – email marketing helps us power it.

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

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