BookMyForex joins the ‘honesty first’ viral sensation Sarahah App.

If the internet is a lottery, virality is definitely the prize! And this time, the latest viral sensation on the internet is Sarahah app.

The app, created by a developer from Saudi Arabia, is a way for people to share honest thoughts anonymously with their friends and contacts. It has millions of users and has been at the top of Apple’s App Store for weeks in dozens of countries.

While the turquoise, mail-shaped icon has become a new craze for the internet generation on social media, some progressive brands are joining the bandwagon in a bid to position themselves as more customers-centric brands. And the first brand to do so is, world’s first and India’s largest foreign exchange marketplace, who joined Sarahah App this Friday to understand where they have reached in their mission to ease the whole process of exchanging currency.

The brand, despite the chance of receiving not so welcome comments, used this unique opportunity to connect to its customer for honest feedback. They created the login id using the app and sent a message to customers to give their genuine, honest feedback to improve the services. Since yesterday, the company has received hundreds of responses, mostly constructive feedback along with clear aspect like areas to where they can improve.

From being told that they are changing the world and bringing it together, to getting the feedback on some website page to pointing on mistakes, the brand has started a very innovative way to connect with customers and improve themselves.

Commenting on why they chose this route, VP Marketing,, Abhinna Suresh Khare said, “We want to build a company where honest feedback from the user is given a paramount value. We believe that the true growth of a company happens when the business starts connecting with customers and creates avenues where customers can provide genuine feedback to brands. Social is the most crucial medium but sometimes getting feedback on comments or tweets can become pretty annoying.  So, as soon as we saw Sarahah app we thought it’s a gold mine for businesses. The app simplifies this whole process and gives our customers and us an opportunity to ease the process of giving & receiving feedback.”

“And it makes sense as in today’s social world, brand no longer owns the customer, in fact, the customers own the brand,” he added.

Markup’s Take on Sarahah: While the world is polarized in their opinion about the app, the fact that it has exploded in popularity since it was made available in the app store in June can certainly not be ignored. It’s currently the top app in 30 countries and for the brands that were waiting for a new social media tied to ride on, this is the great opportunity to hop on. After all, there are multiple brands who have strived during Snapchat, Instagram craze too!

Here are some of the messages that the brand received using the app-


Mehak Sharma

Mehak Sharma

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