Chevrolet India gears up to advocate road safety in ‘Drive with Care’ campaign


Concerned about road safety in India, an issue that only gets worse during the time of monsoon, Chevrolet India launched an innovative campaign— ‘Drive with Care’, to generate awareness amongst motorists with an emotional connect, and promote road safety during monsoon.

Jack Uppal, VP Marketing and Customer Experience, General Motors India,talks in detail about the core idea behind Chevrolet’s latest campaign,and its impact.

What are the key objectives behind ‘Drive with Care’ campaign, and how has the response been so far? 

At Chevrolet, one of our key values is to keep customers at the centre of everything, and the monsoon season is just one of the several opportunities to connect, engage and educate them on the importance of being careful on road. With the ‘Drive with Care’ film, which hits hard at the road safety issue, we aim to create awareness amongst people and bring about a change in the overall approach towards road safety, and urge people to care for others at the same time.

The response to the campaign has been quite positive, with 61 percent video completion rate, i.e., viewers viewing the complete video, the campaign managed to create social media conversations and awareness on road safety during monsoons.

During the making of this campaign, did you witness any interesting anecdote? If yes, please share with us.  

For the on-ground activation, we had to find dry roads to paint during monsoon. We hadto become excellent weather forecasters and get the teams with paint in the right places at the right times, when it was not actually raining.

We carefully chose wide roads to avoid distracting drivers in complicated places, with lots of pedestrian traffic (but not so busy that the paint would not be seen), at low-usage times, and pick a time when it was not raining. We needed to assess how the activation worked. We are hoping it will be more widely adopted in time, and as people become used to the idea, we can broaden the number of roads and places where we can install our messages.

Chevrolet India gears up to advocate road safety in ‘Drive with Care’ campaign

What kind of challenges did you face in the execution phase of this campaign?

As this was a pilot project, we took all therequired permissions to apply paints in selected locations for the campaign. Brushing the roads during monsoons was not an easy task. The sudden appearance of the text in the middle of the road can distract riders/drivers. We were cautious about it and that is why we chose broader roads and residential complexes for the activation.

‘Drive with Care’ successfully created buzz but do you think it will be able to bring about substantial change?

The primary objective of the campaign was to create a safety communication in an innovative way.  This initiative is a first in India. It has never been executed in any other market so we are proud to provide a way to make roads safer in India, and more importantly raise awareness through our digital and social campaigns. The ‘Drive with Care’ initiative will therefore play a key role in building the corporate brand and deepening our relationship with our customers.

Could you shed some more light on your monsoon service camp and how is it helping your latest campaign?

Chevrolet India had launched Monsoon Service Camps with an objective to raise awareness amongst motorists to maintain their cars during rains. The campsoffered services to ensure safe driving during monsoon. The services included a special, quick, and free check-up of items such as brakes, light bulbs, electrical, battery and tyres. In addition to the free front wiper-blades distributed, there were discounts on automobile parts and labour charges to ensure their vehicles are well maintained and safe to drive.

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