Citibank’s Nikhil Rastogi discusses tech marketing trends at India Digital Summit

Citibank’s Nikhil Rastogi discusses tech marketing trends at India Digital Summit“AI is the new UI; it is the digital brand in the marketplace”, says Nikhil Rastogi, Head Digital, Citibank, on the first day of the 11th India Digital Summit, conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, and held at The Lalit, New Delhi.

Nikhil spoke about automation in marketing and tech marketing trends he thinks will change the landscape of the industry. According to him, artificial intelligence is at the forefront of dramatically altering a lot of industries – whether it is the advent of driverless cars or virtual assistants – this sector is exploding like never before.

Nikhil said he believes in looking at how consumers are interacting with things and that has led to building of more immersive experiences. Nikhil stated, augmented reality and virtual reality are booming right now, which is particularly important for marketers to take note of.

Nikhil also spoke about how the evolution of partner ecosystem will be the next big trend in marketing. “The way companies are now realizing that no one person is capable enough to serve all the needs of a consumer, and therefore, you have an increasing number of digital handshakes happening,” he added.

Emphasizing on the importance of design, Nikhil said that experience is going to take centerstage. “The year 2016 was a big leap in terms of design economy. People realized that all digital journeys need to be intuitive and adaptive. Going forward, it will not just be about the products anymore; it will be more about the design.”

Lastly, Nikhil spoke about the increasing importance of IoT (Internet of Things), how it is going to change the way marketers do their jobs, and how companies operate in this landscape. He said, the amount of data gained through connected devices will revolutionize business operations and impact customers through experiences.

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

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