Coca-Cola presents ‘Brotherly Love’

Coca-Cola has unveiled the Indian adaptation of its global film – ‘Brotherly Love’. This ad film has been conceptualized by McCann Worldgroup India.

The film starts with a young boy playing a game on a console, while his older brother walks into the room with a bottle of Coke and two glasses in his hands. He opens the bottle, and his younger brother leaves the controller, and walks towards him to grab a drink. But, like a typical older brother would do, he teases the little one by keeping the bottle of Coke on top of a shelf that is beyond the younger brother’s reach. The younger one struggles to grab the bottle while the older one takes control of the controller.

In the next scene, the older brother shakes a bottle of Coke and leaves it on the table for his younger brother to open. The younger one appears, and like fate would have it, he gets drenched all over.

In the third scene, the younger one is seated in a library along with a girl. He looks serious while studying. His older brother walks in and puts a chilled can of Coke in the back of his shirt, making him almost cringe in uneasiness. Awkward much? The girl gets creeped out and so do others!

In the last shot, the younger boy is shown at a ground. He is seated on a bench with a bottle of Coke by his side. Engrossed in deep thoughts, as he picks up the bottle to drink, three boys appear and snatch the bottle from him in an attempt to bully him. They stop when the older brother appears and gets the bottle back. He kindly hands it over to his little brother; the younger one looks surprised and content at the same time, while he takes a sip. As he drinks, the older one smiles and jokingly flips the bottle against his mouth only to get the drink spill all over the younger brother. The younger brother smiles, and the ad film concludes with Coca-Cola’s brand message – ‘Taste the feeling’.

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

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