Cross-channel marketing: getting it right!

Cross-channel marketing: getting it right!

Gone are the days of simply sending blast emails or push notifications to reach and communicate with target consumers. Today’s marketers need to look at cross-channel personalization within their marketing strategy and deliver relevant, consistent user experiences across channels. Power machine learning and predictive intelligence has become a norm and brands today have to rely on these parameters to drive the next generation of cross-channel marketing.

The second day of the 11th India Digital Summit, conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, held at The Lalit, New Delhi, saw panelists discussing the how, why and what of cross-channel marketing in a digital environment where consumers are channel agnostic.

Where panelists unanimously talked about engaging with customers, seamlessly across channels- online, offline- and any device, some experts highlighted the importance of clearly defining business goals before following the herd.

Setting the right tone for the discussion, moderator of the session, Kunal Tomar, General Manager- Marketing Services, Experian Services, said, “Thanks to technological advancements happening around us, marketers today know what consumers are doing and what exactly they want. While many of the agile marketers have already started marketing their products using consumer’s data, it’s just a matter of time when technology and user’s data will become the focal point for marketing campaigns.”

Explaining the shift in the market, Ajay Kelkar, Co- Founder and COO, Hansa Cequity said, “In the last five years, there has been humungous change in terms of marketers being able to understand the ‘context’ of consumer’s behavior. With the amount of data marketers generate today it is ideal to use that data and build a marketing strategy that connects well. For instance, I’m a bank and I see one of my consumers looking for a mutual fund on my website, I should be able to react to this need by immediately coming up with a pop-up that supports this context.”

“You also need a strictly integrated mark-tech, so you are familiar with customers across a broad range of media,” he added.

Agreeing with Mr. Kelkar, Kishore Annapureddy, Founder & CEO, Gamooga SoftTech said, “There are lot of channels out there, lot of technology present, and marketing automation tools, but first thing for companies today is to know what they are looking to achieve. Understand where your consumer’s persona is and build marketing strategies on that basis.”

“Until recently marketers were applying a lot of ‘push’ marketing strategies, which were based on assumptions; but with technology around us, we now must look at ways to apply ‘pull’ strategies,” added Kishore.

Panelists were also of the view that while being present on all channels has today become imperative, marketers must have clear goals in mind before jumping on any channel or medium.

“While technology has definitely changed the course of communication and customer engagement, the core remains the same – understand what channels are good for your business rather than using a technology which is ‘in’. Have a clear short-term and long-term goal for your business and don’t be in a race to be present on everything and anything under the sun,” concluded, Dhruv Shanker, Vice President- Head of APAC, Blueshift Labs concluded.

Mehak Sharma

Mehak Sharma

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