Digital & social media marketing forecast by Team Pumpkin

Digital & social media marketing forecast by Team PumpkinDigital media and social media company, Team Pumpkin is known for crafting smart digital medium strategies. Based out of Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon, the agency has executed several campaigns over the past few years. Having worked with brands like the Future group, Snapdeal, Freecharge, OLA,, Muvizz and more, Swati Nathani, CBO, Team Pumpkin talks to MarkUp on future content marketing strategies, power of social media and leveraging digital films in 2017 to create massive brand awareness.

Tell us about your top three content marketing initiatives in 2016.

We have executed many successful campaigns in the past. #Dirtytalkin4words is our best work so far. The topic became a trending subject on Twitter, and received tremendous traction. It kicked off a storm on Twitter by asking the Twitterati to talk dirty in just four words. What began just as a contest, gave rise to one of the wittiest digital marketing campaigns.

Another campaign, #LodoKhatamkaro for FreeCharge received contagious response. The tagline was identical with so many real-life situations, hence digital audience identified with it and we received incredible traction.

Online portal’s short film titled ‘Kriti’ asked us to execute their digital campaign. #KritiPremierOnMuvizz, #KritiSeeksTruth, #KritiTruthPrevails, #KritiExposesScam were the pegs used for the campaign. Parallel cinema and cult movie lovers rigorously followed the campaign and gave us some of the best numbers.

What new trends in content marketing are you expecting in the coming year?

Content marketing is a highly volatile sphere. There is no definite formula that will work for every brand;yet lucid and graphic content will continue to rule the roost. That being said, newer ways of presenting these two principles will help in winning the content marketing race.Demand for interactive content is growing. The engaging nature of this trend leads to higher involvement of audience and that too, over longer period of time.

User-generated content is on the rise. There are many ways to encourage your users to create content on behalf of your brand. One can open up a public forum for users to engage with one another, sponsor a social media-based contest to facilitate user submissions, conduct a survey of your email newsletter subscribers and use the data to compile a report.

Should new startups leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness in 2017?

Yes, Yes, Yes! The three ‘yes’ have been used to denote the importance of digital marketing and make sure that the emphasis isn’t missed. Every startup’s primary goal is to expand for which they require funding. Investors provide funds only when they are aware of your work. Today digital platforms are amongst most prominent channels to showcase work and get noticed. In order to leverage power of social media it is absolutely necessary to be thorough about the strategy to be used while utilizing it.Also, ROI in digital marketing is higher as compared to any other media. Many startups are using innovative content, which has carved a significant space for them and given them high recognizance.

Digital films have become a rage. What is your take on it?

We are more receptive to visual medium than audio and print. That being said, it is evident that digitization of filming is the way forward.Due to portals like Torrentz and Netflix films have become part of daily diet of entertainment consumer. Nano versions of films are enjoying similar popularity like their counterparts.They have become an essential vehicle of effective communication. Strong storytelling skills have supported to growing popularity of digital films. Content plus strategic execution is the key reason behind success of this rage.

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka heads the content department at BoringBrands. You can usually find her hard at work creating path-breaking content strategies for the startup ecosystem or online, tweeting about her blog on all things fashion and lifestyle. Priyanka has previously worked as a journalist for The Times Group, Creative Nest Media and Hindustan Times. Find her on Twitter @PriyankaTLP

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