E-shopping discount site CouponDunia nailed new-age digital marketing right

E-shopping discount site CouponDunia nailed new-age digital marketing right

CouponDunia lists coupons and offers on its website for e-commerce websites in India that can be availed to save on a purchase. The startup gets a certain percentage of commission from the merchants for every purchase made. The company has expanded its scope this year by stepping into the foray of cashback.Anshul Gupta, Brand Head at CouponDunia talks about how great strategies are cracked, what does it take to create brilliant social media campaigns, what goes into making of smart digital marketing initiatives, and what budding marketers should focus on to build a career.

Tell us about your top three digital marketing initiatives of 2016.

This year, we relaunched CouponDunia with a brand-new identity. We are now offering our customers cashback on top of great deals and offers. Therefore, we engaged in a lot of digital marketing initiatives apart from offline advertising. We ran a video campaign onYoutube, which got featured as a Google case-study, along with running display and performance marketing campaigns.

Our top three campaigns were:

  • Make Shopping Rewarding
  • ZaroorMilega
  • Grand PaisaWapsi Festival

How did you get your first 1000 customers?

Organic. People love to shop and people love to save. We were the first exhaustive resource for helping people find online shopping coupons. Users searching for savings were invariably directed our way by Google.

What social media strategies helped you get more customers and stay ahead of competition?

One has to remember that the consumer is still an analog human being. No matter how complex digital marketing gets, importance has to be given to innovative methods of storytelling in different formats such as creating shareworthy content to making content for 360 video, and etc. After all, a user still clicks/watches/remembers something, which grabs his/her attention. My recommendation would be developing campaign ideas that connects with the user instantly along with topical content that is share-worthy and not brand led.

E-shopping discount site CouponDunia nailed new-age digital marketing right

How did you leverage the power of new-age content marketing to build brand awareness?

CouponDunia wanted an innovative marketing solution that would engage existing customers as well as reach new audiences. Traditional TV advertising offers reach, but the CouponDunia team realised that the interactive nature of video could engage its audience more effectively. Let’s find out how this coupon aggregator reached and engaged their audience, and built some brand love along the way.

The first step was to determine what CouponDunia’s target audience was watching. Looking at interests, location, gender, and age, the company discovered that its target audience was primarily males aged 18-35 with interests in technology, movies, songs, news, comedy, and politics. Based on these findings, it selected 50 Indian YouTube channels that were most watched by this target audience. With channels including MTV Roadies, AIB and Zee News, CouponDunia needed a strategy to convey a single message: consumers can use multiple free coupons over a range of categories.

To reach its audience in a meaningful way, CouponDuniarealised its ads had to be relevant and fun. The five-year-old company decided to get creative by taking one ad and making 50 humorous variations of it. Each variation was related to the content that was about to be viewed while highlighting the benefits of CouponDunia. The two actors featured in the campaign, Errol and Jitendra, had an instant comic chemistry that was both engaging and fun.

Our primary goals were to increase brand awareness, and create an innovative digital campaign that stands out. And the results were great. We had a 13 percent increase in visitors on the website over an eight-week period, 32 percent of our viewers watched the entire 30 seconds’ ad (nearly double the usual rate), and an 8 percent month-on-month rise in revenue.

E-shopping discount site CouponDunia nailed new-age digital marketing rightWould you like to share some marketing tips with budding marketing managers?

Understand the product first, then the way a consumer would use it, with so many products competing for consumer mind space, a new-age marketing manager should always be data driven, work towards building the brand and in return gain loyalty. Repeat purchases by single user over a period of time is a good sign of brand loyalty. Never forget your target audience, their tastes, preferences andetc., the audience of the future is getting younger by the day, with electronic means of payments available to a 14-year-old; work on targeting millennials, ultimately, they will be the consumers.

What are the three traits you look at before hiring a marketer/brand manager for your team?

How passionate he/she is about any brand. Which was one campaign he/she cared the most about and drove it from scratch to execution. Also, personality, creativity matters too.

What strategies help you retain customers?

A mix of online(web/app) marketing coupled with a great user experience through hassle-free transactions is what we strive to deliver.

Do you believe in the power of email marketing?

We have a database of 7.5 million customers who have voluntarily signed up for our newsletters where we give them top cashback deals.A lot of our users sign up for merchant-based offers, e.g.: a particular user can choose to receive alerts on big deals available on Flipkart today or a weekly newsletter where we provide him/her a comprehensive list of best cashback offers. Lastly, email marketing helps us in educating our audience about the latest deals they are more likely to be interested in.

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