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Anandita SinghEnvoged.com is a platform that provides luxury lovers access to a remarkable curation of pre-loved aspirational fashion. Based in Mumbai, eventually this e-commerce portal started off by allowing users to buy celebrity dresses, however, today it has shifted focus from celebrity closets to popular Indian designer products, pre-owned luxury products including apparels, bags, footwear, jewellery and much more. Founded by two IIT Kharagpur graduates -Anandita Singh and Manisha Barnwal, Envoged.com is all set to fulfill millions of aspirations all over the world by making these aspirational products affordable.

Anandita Singh, Co-founder at Envoged.com is responsible for overseeing marketing and operations departments; she shares a slice of her work and life with us.

Define a usual day in your life.

It’s hard to define – as an entrepreneur every day is completely different! You are a one-stop customer executive, marketer, delivery person, problem solver by the day; and dreamer, planner, designer, author and a strategist by the night! It’s quite an interesting mix (smiles).

What are the challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur picks up a new skill every day! At least at the stage we are at, we have to learn new things, get better at it and deliver to get the best outcome. That’s every day for us as an entrepreneur of astartup.Serve your customers better everyday, and do whatever it takes to achieve that is our daily mantra.

What would you have done if not this?

I am an entrepreneur at heart.  I can’t think of anything else that I can do better, but if not this problem, I would be solving another problem, but I would be an entrepreneur for sure.

Amidst intense competition in the e-commerce space, how do you manage to stand out?

Envoged is not just any other e-commerce platform; we are a one-of-a-kind ‘luxury re-commerce’ platform that lets anyone sell from their closets, bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, and etc. (whatever which they no longer are fond of). These authenticated luxury products are in turn made available to a huge population of people who can only aspire to own most of these right now and at dream prices!

What do you feel about the growing power of new-age content marketing?

Content is the future. We have focused on generating useful and interesting content for users, which educates them, entertains them and will continue doing so always. It’s the best way to engage a potential customer, handhold her through the entire customer acquisition process and engage her for a lifetime.

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka heads the content department at BoringBrands. You can usually find her hard at work creating path-breaking content strategies for the startup ecosystem or online, tweeting about her blog on all things fashion and lifestyle. Priyanka has previously worked as a journalist for The Times Group, Creative Nest Media and Hindustan Times. Find her on Twitter @PriyankaTLP

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