This hair oil campaign is about anything but growing your locks!


How is an ideal hair oil commercial like? Protagonist facing hair issues, gets magic ointment and boom! The transformation to a long, luscious mane is complete. Long, strong, smooth and silky – that’s how a hair product brand establishes itself.

But what if the commercial promotes chopping off your hair to the very extreme; do you think you’ll be convinced? What possibly can the reason be for such contrary promotion?

A Bangladesh-based hair oil company has got everybody’s attention with an advertisement that doesn’t talk about the magical effects of their product, but rather why your hair should NOT become your weakness.And the reason will leave you choked.

The advertisement made by Jui Hair Oil, begins with a bride leaving a parlor happily as the ache of another’s married life is to be brought out next. The protagonist, next in line, asks the attendant to chop her hair off, who instead compliments her hair. While the attendant looks reluctant, the woman keeps asking to shorten her hair till it’s at its shortest. And towards the end, the woman, teary-eyed, asks the attendant ‘to cut them so short that no one is able to grab it again’.

And this connects with every woman who suffers or has ever suffered through domestic violence.

Every time she oils those locks, only to be pulled out by a man with the ‘husband’ tag.

Every time she receives a compliment and she regrets having received them.

Every time she puts her hand in her hair and remembers them being grabbed.

Touching hearts of many, those putting up with domestic violence and even those who don’t, the campaign beautifully urges women globally to not compromise and to not let their hair be their weak point. At the end of the video, helpline numbers are also shared for ‘survivors’ of this atrocity.

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is the filmy keeda of the classroom, often found swaying to Bollywood songs but, vouching for Shakespearean literature at the same time. Most often trying to figure out her favorite between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, she otherwise writes to quench her soul, yes that’s what describes our content writer. You can check out her musings at @Dramchi

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