How healers made it to your homes

How healers made it to your homesIn the hectic times that we all live in problems and stress have become fashion of the hour. We think of solutions more than often, but we fail to execute it. We came across Kshitij Garg, founder, Healers at Home who has unveiled a way to solve such problems. Team MarkUp chatted with him on his visions, how he approaches his audience, and how technology has helped his venture.

What inspired you to start healers at home? 

I had this severe back pain while pursuing my education, and the formative years at a certain work place. The frequent visits to doctors were very necessary along with managing hectic work schedule. This inconvenience became the source of inspiration and origin for Healers at Home.

Define your target audience. 

People of all age groups are our target audience. The enquiries raised on our platform are equal for age group ranging between 25 to 45 and above.

What marketing platform has been best so far in reaching out to your target audience? 

Targeting our consumers with Google ad words has been our best bet to reach out to our audience.

How did you get your first 1000 customers? 

By working with various marketing platforms, which are not just online but offline too like Justdial and Google AdWords.

Who is your closest competition, and what do you do to stay ahead of them?

Currently, a lot of new companies like Portea in the home healthcare sector have come up now. What separates them from us is the quality of services we provide, low turnaround time i.e. the same day visit by our healers for different services within 4 hours from the time of booking of the service, which is the least in the industry.

What is your next step? 

To expand to new cities and grow further.

In your market segment, what marketing trends will you forecast for 2017?

The products should be customizable as per the individual needs and expectations. I feel, personalized marketing will hold a key in the future. The customers need to feel that they are getting undivided attention, something which is not happening currently.

Tell us about your top content marketing strategies.

We have been developing content keeping in mind the various keywords required to attract our target audience’s attention. Posting them at the right places and interacting with them through content helps us instil a sense of trust in the otherwise suspicious audience.

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi is a visualizer by day and a budding writer by night. You can usually find her doodling, reading or prepping for treks to the Himalayas. @KutchToBhi

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