How StayUncle is changing traditional Indian social media

If you are suffering from social media shyness—or total fear—take a cue from StayUncle.

This online portal, which lets travelers book the best hotels in the city on their own terms, is taking the definition of appropriate social-media marketing and turning it on its head.

As an online marketer, we all know how hard it is to come up with fresh content all the time. Keeping a steady stream of new material flowing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels is a huge challenge. In fact, it can make you want to tear your hair out and curl up in a corner.


But StayUncle took up this challenge, went a step ahead and kicked their social media presence into overdrive. How? Through their uncharacteristic style of content marketing that has worked wonders for their brand.

We talk to Blaze Arizanov, StayUncle’s Chief Marketing Uncle, about India, sex and all things social media.

Your social media strategy is bold and gutsy. Why did you decide to take this route?

What other route is available for business like ours?

In a conservative country like ours, how do you handle moral policing since your brand positioning is clearly for unmarried couples?

India conservative? No it’s not!

How do you handle social media trolling?

We don’t feed the trolls.

You seem to use a lot of slang (pussy, sex, horny) in your social-media communication. Can you elaborate on your target?

My target audiences are people who like pussy, sex and are often horny.

Does a communication style like this help you get more customers?

More customers and even more love. See, we are like a tribe. We understand each other perfectly.

How would you sell your brand to a family member?

I will tell my fat mother – Hey Maa, Hrithik Roshan is waiting for you in room 308 at Hotel X. But you have to pay the bill. She told me she wants to have his babies.

The word ‘sex’ is common in your communication and it clearly gets a lot of attention. But how do you plan to sustain your brand positioning and scale it up further?

Why wouldn’t the word sex scale my business even further? It is a good word.

Don’t you think it will be embarrassing for couples to testify that they have been associated with your brand?

At the moment, yes but not in the India I envision after 10 years. I am a very patient uncle.

From which city do you get maximum positive responses, in terms of using StayUncle after having consumed your social media content?

New Delhi. I fuckin (sic) love New Delhi.

Who do you think would be a perfect brand ambassador for StayUncle?


Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati is a senior content writer at BoringBrands. She churns out blogs and social media content for clients, when not busy fantazising and writing about her travel adventures. Debarati has previously worked as a correspondent with Reuters News and as a copy editor with HT Mint. Find her on Twitter @DasguptaDebbie

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