Hyderabad-based SRI Capital funds 3 SaaS startups

Hyderabad-based SRI Capital funds 3 SaaS startupsSRI Capital has reportedly funded three Software as a Service (SaaS) based startups— WorkApps, Yellowdig and Zuppler. In total, Hyderabad-based SRI Capital has invested $2.3 million in three of them. The reports also say, Sashi Reddi, Managing Partner, SRI Capital would soon join the Boards of all three companies.

Workapp, founded in 2015, is fundamentally a work-management system that aims to make management task much easier and simpler, and in turn, ensures quality output from employees at work.

Yellowdig is a path-breaking learning management system, which came into existence in 2013.

Zuppler is another SaaS-based startup, which enables users to order food from local restaurants. Both Yellowdig and Zuppler are headquartered in US.

After funding these three companies, SRI Capital now has a total of 15 SaaS startups in its kitty.

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