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Indian marriage fixing gets a twist - JiyoTo crack the right brand messaging, and getting it across through ad films to create mind space amongst the right audience has always been a daunting task. Jiyo’s latest ad campaign portraying the customary way of fixing a marriage between Indian families has been given a contemporary twist by ad agency Bullet On Wheels.  Arushi Kaushal, Creative Director at Bullet on Wheels shares her experience of creating this campaign with MarkUp.

What was the thought behind creating this campaign?

The thought was simple – to place Jiyo as an ‘easy-to-make healthy snack amongst the NRI market in US’. The challenge was to cater to an audience that is totally new to us; prior to this all our work has been for the Indian audience. Nonetheless, we are quite in tune with their sensibilities and beliefs, but NRI’s are a new market,as they are staunch believers of the Indian culture, yet they are also heavily influenced by the West. To come up with a situation that marries the two was a task we mulled over for quite a few days.

Finally, we realized,the concept of parents meeting to fix a marriage is still a very prevalent tradition in America as well as in India. And despite the fact that men in the US are very handy around the house and contribute much to the household, the age-old tradition of the girl making food and serving it to her future in-laws is still very much followed.

Numerous ad films have been made on the same situation. So, we thought of serving the same with a twist.

What inspired you to blend aspects of feminism with the frozen food industry?

The seed was sowed during a conversation with our client,Dhara. She said,“We want to say that the food is so easy to make that even men of the house can make it.” Taking that thought forward we shaped it into the present concept.

However, we didn’t want to take any sides, whether girl’s or boy’s. The end message had to be just right and creating that balance was the real challenge.


How did you pitch this idea to your client, and what was their response like?

They loved it from day one. It was an extension of their brief and it fitted perfectly with the brand campaign they had planned for the snack.

We were lucky to have a client with progressive outlook to embrace such a distinctive idea for the launch of their campaign.

How did the brainstorming session look like?

It actually didn’t take too much time. Once we have the characters in place and you place them in the situation, conversations just flow. As a writer, it was just my job to make it reach the right conclusion.

In today’s age putting out the right communication is very important. Social media is a formidable frenemy. They can lift you up in a second and drop you from a mountain’s height in a second too.

But this concept came to us clear as a summer day. We didn’t have to struggle a lot with it. We were honest to the characters while designing the script.

How long did it take for you to complete this project from the day you got the client on-board?

It took us about two months to finally complete the project. The reason being, the client and their investors live out of the country, hence approvals and decision-making took some time.

What are your future plans?

The plan is to do good and honest work. What we put out is a reflection of who we are as an agency. At Bullet On Wheels, we always try to do something different and path-breaking no matter how big or small the project is. The digital wave has opened new avenues and markets for advertisers and we are really kicked to be a part of it. There is a lot more exciting work in the pipeline, which we can’t wait to share with you all.

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Posted by Jiyo on Thursday, 8 September 2016

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