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Fox My Box is an innovative company that boasts to be the only one in India that empowers users to personalize their beloved tech products by doing custom paint on their electronic gadgets. In a candid conversation with Ankush Khera, Founder & CEO at Fox My Box, we unveil more about this custom-design company and what makes them stand-out.

How did it all start?

Fox My Box was founded on the idea that electronic devices could be more appealing than the standard colours offered by original manufacturers. Our services are creative and fashionable, giving our clients something unique that sets them apart. With our expertise, as well as our use of the finest products, we specialize and provide a service that will impress and satiate even the most distinguished palettes.

When I got my first HP laptop 7 years ago, it was a big deal since they were expensive and a new thing for everyone to own. After 2 years, it sure got few scratches, but then everyone had a grey laptop to carry. I was always into the design world so I wanted something different.The core idea was to let users decide how their laptops or gadgets would look like and they have options of designs, colours, and feel. This brings out the best of personality match and makes it much more personal.

Fox My box adds-on a personality to people’s cherished electronic gadgets. On this note, please walk us through Fox My Box’s personality and how it was conceptualized?

It’s a service-based company where it empowers clients to design their own products; from laptops to phones and iPads, options are galore. If you are looking for a royal blue MacBook with gold-leafing work or have a favourite theme – tell us and we will execute the same, making it one of its kind piece.

Fox My Box provides a luxury service, catering only to a selected audience. How would you describe your target group as?

When we have to describe our target audience, usually we just say ‘people with eyes’. For some it’s a statement, for some, it’s an inspiration, for some it is a career, and some just say, “Wow did you see that?” We tend to target them all. Majorly our clients’ age-group falls between 25 -35 years— who are well-exposed to the concept of customization. Although, we do have clients as young as 17 years old. If you are that person who just does not like ordinary, you belong to our target group.

Are you planning to expand your services in the near feature? If yes, how?

Yes, we are coming up with a brand new property— ‘Gattoo Studio’. The idea of Gattoo Studio came to us 2 years ago, when we had this realisation that everyone has creativity to express, and words are something we aren’t familiar with these days; so what better way to express your creativity than expressing it on your objects!

The workshop at Gattoo Studio will not only focus on the work we do, but also help you gain skills on creating finished products. Skill development as a bigger part of the vision is to bring more skilled force with tools at disposal to create international-standard products with proper guidance and training.

What’s your USP? How do you leverage it to stand-out from your competitors, if there are any?

We are the first company in Asia to do custom paint work on electronics, apart for the gold-plating that you come across in UK and Dubai, we don’t tend to take leverage on that.  The concept is to give back to the society and bring better things for consumers in India. Transferring skills and technology will enable people to bring products to international standards thus making it a better world.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far in your journey? How did you overcome them?

It was, and still is difficult to bring this concept in a way where audience knows what we are talking about. Consumer education has been difficult as it is so new and complex. We think we are a new concept but it’s always a new concept at the start and slowly audience-experience grows with time.

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