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amit-pictureTapping into the market gap of providing medical consultation to Indians in the most convenient way (Read: through an app), Amit Munjal, Founder and CEO, Doctor Insta is on a mission to change the face of medical assistance in the country. To create a healthier and more productive nation, Doctor Insta provides consultation within 3 minutes to Indians, anywhere and anytime. Here’s how they want to bless the nation with longer lives.

How and why did you start DoctorInsta?

The ideadawned upon me when I used a similar service while travelling in Hawaii where a video consultation came to my rescue right away, saving me time and money. I was inspired to launch something similar in India aiming to bring the ‘on-demand’ preventive and curative healthcare to everyone’s doorstep.

I moved to India in January 2015 and started working on the idea following which I hired 4 people to help me develop the app and the website. It took us few months to create the product and test the robust alpha and beta, before formally launching our services in December, 2015. Since then, we have reached out to lakhs of people and scored large companies like American Express, SRF, Tech Mahindra, PayU, Punj Lloyd, and etc.

What is your vision for DoctorInsta?

Our vision is to bring quality healthcare to everyone’s finger ‘tap’-anytime, anywhere. We want to help our fellow Indians increase their lifespan by 10 years so that they can live a healthier and a happier life. Lastly, we want to increase productivity of the nation by 15 percent, by reducing absenteeism and sick hours.

Who is harder to approach- patients or doctors? What is the best channel to approach them?

It is equally challenging to get best-quality doctors who can give top-notch medical consultations as well as to get patients to adopt this novel concept of tele-medicine.That’s why Doctor Insta is a curated place where we have a tight QC/QA policy to hire high-quality caregivers/doctors. Our selection rate is 3 percent and we have empaneled 40 doctors so far. Supply is not a constraint factor, as demand increases we can ramp up supply of doctors by an equal amount.Our target consumers are people who are tech-savvy. Doctor Insta aims towards increasing productivity of people by 15-20 percent by reducing absenteeism and developing a healthier, happier and longer living work force.

Health-tech industry has developed aggressively. How have you managed to stay ahead of competition?

We believe, the key to our success is laser-sharp focus and staying fast and nimble. Our USP is:

  • We’re backed by an experienced team of professionals who have served at CXO levels in various fortune 500 companies.
  • Instant connection between a patient and a caregiver within 3 minutes.
  • Personalized health records including notes and prescription pertaining to each consultation.
  • Available on major platforms: iOS, android andweb.
  • Patients have options to rate doctors at the end of each consultation.


Describe your business model.

Our business model entails the following:

B2C – User pays a standard fee per consultation with specialist doctors.

B2B2C – Employer pays a small PMPM (per member per month) fee and the employees can consult a doctor/caregiver at a discounted price.

DII (Doctor Insta Inclusion) – For rural areas of India in collaboration with companies running e-Kiosks, user pays a standard fee of Rs 100-150 per consultation with MBBS Doctors.

What social media strategies helped you scale up your company?

We promote our company through social media platformslike Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  We have also been scaling up Doctor Insta through various coupon sites including Coupon Raja, Vantage Circle, GrabOn, and more.

What aspect of marketing are you focusing on currently? How do you plan to move ahead with the app?

We are focusing on both aspects of marketing – online as well as offline. Offline marketing channels involve above-the-line andbelow-the-line techniques like newspaper, activation events, pamphlets, etc. Whereas, online marketing channels include social as well asdigital marketing initiatives.

Our future plan: There are 1 million allopathic doctors in India, each doing 50 consultations a day, which implies there are 50M consultations happening in India every day.  In 2 years, we want to acquire just 2 percent of this market i.e. 1M consultations a day.We also wish to expand our services to other developing as well as less developed nations in alliance with strategic partners in these countries.

Tell us about the biggest achievement of DoctorInsta so far.

We were catering less than 50 consults a day in the month of January. Reaching to more than 800 consults in a span of less than 8 months has been our biggest achievement in the journey so far.

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

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