Marketing Lessons from BigBasket’s Head of Marketing, Meera Iyer

Marketing Lessons from BigBasket’s Head of Marketing, Meera IyerPower marketer, Meera Iyer, Head of Marketing, Big Basket knows what it takes to drive an online grocery platform to newer heights. “A good marketer needs to know how to slice and dice, and interpret data,” she says. Read on to know more of her marketing mantras.

Tell us about your top three digital marketing initiatives in 2016.

This was the year in which all e-commerce, including BigBasket realized how foolhardy it was to chase just app installs as a metric being blind to more important ROI metrics like conversion of installs to transactions. We have made a complete shift from March 2016 to improve the quality of installs, that is, fewer installs with larger number of them converting to transactions rather than crazy install volumes that did not quite convert as well.

2016 is also the year when we have set up a team to just activate and turn out digital video content, which was not being done earlier and we have seen good engagement and message delivery happen through it.

Finally, it’s also been the year where we have set up and grown our affiliate marketing channel for growth and new customer acquisition.

How did you get your first 1000 customers?

This was way back in 2012 – I wasn’t there. But my assumption is that there would have been word-of-mouth following some marketing campaigns and it would have grown within a small area within Bangalore first.

What social media strategies helped you get more customers and stay ahead of competition?

Social media has done well for us in app install and engagement campaigns. It’s led to good conversions and quality customer acquisition. It’s been an important channel in making people aware of the two new services we have launched this year – 90-minute Express Delivery and the neighborhood specialty stores tie-up to deliver products from your favourite mithai wallas, meat shops, bakeries and more. Social media has worked well for us on engagement too. I wouldn’t say we have done too much here, but what’s definitely worked for us has been the video campaigns that we have started to churn out regularly.

How did you leverage the power of new-age content marketing to build brand awareness?

If you want to be seen as a specialist in any field, you need to invest behind content marketing. We started this a little towards the latter half of this year and have seen success. One of the content pieces that BigBasket has started to work hard on this year has been the recipes section on our website (it’s currently not there on our app). We have both tied up with bloggers as well as sourced recipe content from BigBasketeers to have a collection of close to 1000 recipes on our site. It’s a place that is giving us a lot of joy in terms of engagement, and with the smart recipe widget in place that allows you to directly add products to your basket from the recipe, it’s also acting as a place where customers discover our range and add to their basket. The whole investment is paying off to position us as a company that really understands food and is on top of its product quality!

Would you like to share some marketing tips with budding marketing managers?

I always tell my team that it all begins by fundamentally understanding the customer. You cannot be a good marketer if you don’t know your customer, if you don’t know what she wants, why she wants, what excites her, what puts her off, how she shops and so on. So, know your customer better than anyone and all your marketing will make sense to her. The other thing that I drive equally hard with my team is data. You cannot be a sound marketer if you don’t know how to slice and dice, and interpret data. These two skills make you fit to compete in a tough market.

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka heads the content department at BoringBrands. You can usually find her hard at work creating path-breaking content strategies for the startup ecosystem or online, tweeting about her blog on all things fashion and lifestyle. Priyanka has previously worked as a journalist for The Times Group, Creative Nest Media and Hindustan Times. Find her on Twitter @PriyankaTLP

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