Myntra wants you to shed online inhibitions


Will this fit me? What if the actual colour is different? Are they lying about the material? How will I return these for a different size or colour?

When it comes to fashion, people are still on the fence about shopping online. Myntra has latched on to the concept and converted it into the “Try Myntra, You’ll Love it!” campaign that is wooing fashionistas to their revamped website.

In conversation with Vamsi Murthy Rachakonda, the man who led the campaign development.

What was the motive behind launching the campaign?

Myntra as a brand has a clear vision to be the most vibrant, fashion-forward, yet accessible brand that helps Indians look good. This campaign specifically targets shoppers who are comfortable buying electronics or other standardized products online, but are reluctant when it comes to apparel and fashion. While look-feel-fit are the stated barriers, we also uncovered that inertia or old habits is the biggest barrier. In this campaign the brand is inviting them to ‘Try Myntra’ and how once you try it out, you will surely love the products and the experience. We also wanted to convey that we are a special place to buy fashion and not like any other online store.

The message is delivered through relatable, real-life situations where you find protagonists depicting the same hesitation and reluctance towards online fashion, but are left stunned once they know that what they have actually loved, is actually from Myntra.

In terms of numbers, was the campaign successful in luring offline buyers, wary of online products, to Myntra?

The campaign was successful in luring offline buyers, who were the primary target audience for this campaign. While specific numbers are confidential, we saw an uptake on specific metrics, which are indicative of campaign impact. We saw a huge surge in new users who either logged onto our site or installed the Myntra App.

What are the major hurdles for online shopping in India?

Customers’ need to touch and feel products is the biggest hurdle in India. This was the specific problem we wanted to address through this campaign. We wanted to allay customer’s fears around touch, feel and fit issues that are unique to online fashion as a category in India .We strongly believe, our curated selection of brands and products, personalized app experience, combined with easy and friendly return and refund process will solve this problem.

Amidst intense competition in the retail e-commerce space, how does Myntra manage to stand out?

Myntra truly lives by its vision of helping Indians look good. We have internalized this to such a deep extent that we firmly believe we should do everything that will help people look good. Unlike most other retailers, we don’t sell clothes, we provide fashion solutions. This actually manifests in multiple ways once you experience Myntra. Firstly, we provide a curated selection of fashion options best suited for you. Secondly, we are indeed the one-stop-shop for best of Indian and international fashion brands, a lot of them being exclusively available on Myntra. Last but not the least, we are always on the prowl when it comes to solving for online fashion purchase barriers through the use of technology and path-breaking service features. All this comes down to our unflinching vision, commitment and single-minded focus to change the dynamics of fashion consumption in India.

What do you feel about the growing power of new-age content marketing?

Content marketing is here to stay. Consumers in general are tired of ‘sell-messaging’. Across categories, ad avoidance rates are ever growing and consumers are more selective on what they want to consume.  There is a shift in focus from ‘Selling’ to ‘Solutioning’. More specific to our category, content marketing assumes tremendous importance. Fashion is a very personal and intimate category. There is no one-standard formula for ‘looking good’. We truly believe content solutions inspire and help people make the right fashion purchase choices. Relevant category content marketing again ties back to our vision of helping people look good, which we live by. We invest heavily in developing relevant content and as market leaders looking to change the way fashion is consumed, we will continue to be at the forefront of path-breaking content marketing.

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

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