Next step after ‘Stepping into KOOVS’

Next step after ‘Stepping into KOOVS’

UK-based lifestyle e-tailer KOOVS, aimed at young fashion enthusiasts, created a lot of buzz with their first multi-media brand campaign, ‘Step into KOOVS’, that was launched recently. Through their brand communication, the online fashion store targeted the young, fashion-conscious consumer to experience a fashion journey across the globe, and in return, witnessed multi-fold increase in brand awareness and recall.

Gaurav Nabh, Marketing Director at KOOVS, reveals key ideas and strategies behind the campaign, and future plans for KOOVS—the new fashion phenomenon in India.

‘Step into KOOVS’ is a significant campaign when it comes to generating brand awareness. Now that you have achieved it, what’s the next move for KOOVS?

‘Step into KOOVS’ is the first step in our journey for becoming the undisputed authority in affordable western fashion for the style-conscious youth of India. This first step led to a phenomenal eight-fold increase in brand awareness. Next steps include continuing our work on building KOOVS as an innovative and edgy brand through disruptive and clutter-breaking brand campaigns and consumer engagement.

After the launch of ‘Step into KOOVS’, the brand witnessed a three-fold jump in sales. What made the campaign such a big hit?

The entertaining and disruptive nature of communication helped make the right impact, coupled with extensive use of digital and social media—specifically influencers, who helped deliver and amplify the brand message.

Before the campaign went live, were you apprehensive, the offbeat and disruptive nature of the content might backfire?

No, the campaign was an output of an understanding of our audience, and their interest and preferences. We understand our consumers and we were confident that they would react positively.

How are you aspiring to become the top choice for fashion-conscious youth when you are directly tackling with Myntra and Flipkart?

What differentiates KOOVS is our focus on affordable western fashion, which has helped us stand out of the clutter, through fashion-led and disruptive brand advertising.

With our expert design team in London and access to best of international fashion trends, we are able to translate global trends through KOOVS’ private label. This is one of the biggest differentiating factors that gives us edge in the otherwise cluttered space.

To add to this, KOOVS continues to collaborate with high profile national and international designers such as Manish Arora, Pankaj and Nidhi, Henry Holland, MawiKeivom, Giles Deacon, Patrick Cox, Melissa Odabas, and others, allowing our customers to buy global high-fashion designers at affordable prices.

It is fair to say, you owe your success to digital marketing. What do you have to say about the nuances and recent trends of digital marketing in this competitive world?

Since inception, KOOVS have used all relevant communication channels to optimize outreach, and convey a singular brand story, further strengthening brand proposition. Having said that, social and digital mediums are very important in the current age. Social media allow consumers to experience and relate with the brand, while digital marketing helps bridge the gap between brand awareness and is a more call-to-action medium.

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