Nike is ‘Da Da Ding’ – ing with women in sports

Nike does it again. Their ‘Just Do It’ moto comes along effortlessly with every campaign that they create, and this time it’s much more than just an ad. With ‘Da Da Ding’ Nike has got the whole nation grooving to the tunes of rapper Gizzle. Created by Wieden + Kennedy, India, this ad portrays compelling visuals that highlight increasing involvement of female athletes in the Indian sports realm. It throws much needed light on the greatest of what the female sporting world has to offer. Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone is seen at her best—depicting prowess of women in the world of fitness and sports.

The music is catchy and sets backdrop for a dramatic pace, wherein women from varied backgrounds depict power and strength in the most robust ways, reflecting diversity of India. You can run, dance, box, or play tennis—the energy and force makes you a member of this squad. Keerthana Ramakrishnan, Communications Head, Nike India tells us all about ‘Da Da Ding’.

What is the motive behind the campaign – ‘Da da ding’?

This JDI campaign is about inspiring and reminding women, they are as much athletes as they are women. When women play sport, they become unstoppable. The campaign beautifully blends ‘Da Da Ding’ music video with Nike’s digital and physical innovation. This video is an invitation to women to unleash their potential through sports.

What are the significant changes that have been observed over the years in sportswear marketing? Will ‘Da Da Ding’ bring about a revolutionary change?

Nike’s campaigns aim to inspire people to take up sports by showing the irresistible feeling that only sports can deliver. The campaign showcases a series of young athletes across India who are unstoppable. Through their stories, we aim to ignite a sports movement. 

How important is it to tie-up with Bollywood celebrities while executing social campaigns?

Deepika Padukone is an athlete before she became an artist. Her self-belief stems from being an athlete first. This quality is what makes Deepika irresistible. By telling Deepika’s story, Nike and Deepika aim to inspire young women to realize their potential through the power of sports.


Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

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