No more breaking resolutions; Rostaa Nut is your new health-buddy!

No more breaking resolutions; Rostaa Nut is your new health-buddy!

When was the last time you maintained a fitness goal? Probably on January 1.

Were you able to keep it? Probably not.

Because that tempting junk food pushes all your motivation to ‘next week se pakka’! So, while your mother keeps telling you to have nuts and almonds during your work break, that oh-so-tempting pizza your colleague just ordered keeps all your resolutions on the back burner and you cave in. And then you wonder why healthy food must be so boring and bland.

Well, you are not alone, because 75% of Indians suffer from the same syndrome.

All your wishes for healthy food to be tasty will now come true with Rostaa Nut. The company promises to be the ultimate go-to brand for all your dietary resolves, and is not only NUTritious but delicious as well.

The super-food brand has launched with a bang and their first ever brand film is conveying their core brand message to the best- ‘combining taste with fitness’ – so much that the film has already garnered 62,000 views within 72 hours of going online.

Conceptualized by Bullet on Wheels in a no-human cast, the film draws a comparison between an ordinary nut and the amazing Rostaa Nut, and you are bound to get attracted to the latter. In the film, the life of the ordinary nut represents a hilarious take on the age-old techniques of consuming dry fruits in an Indian household, as ‘every other nut is #NotNutEnough’. What hits the nail in this ad is its anomaly from typical FMCG campaigns.

‘While regular nuts spend their time being drowned, beaten, and crushed, Rostaa Nut is the ultimate star’ – the punch line will have you into splits. This out-of-the-box commercial not only makes you laugh at the relatability of it all, but will also make you switch to the healthier side.

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is the filmy keeda of the classroom, often found swaying to Bollywood songs but, vouching for Shakespearean literature at the same time. Most often trying to figure out her favorite between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, she otherwise writes to quench her soul, yes that’s what describes our content writer. You can check out her musings at @Dramchi

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