Not pressure but performance; Mirinda’s new campaign is what parents need today

‘Sometimes, just let me be’.

A simple request, yet it conveys a thousand tacit emotions.

How many times did you tell your parents to stop pressurizing you for top scores? How many times did you want to burst out against unfair comparisons? How many times did your parents keep cancelling your plans because of exams? How many times did you want to just give in to all the stress?

Each one of us goes through this phase and this pressure gets worse around exams, competitive ones or the dreaded Boards! And parents see no wrong in being ambitious and tightening their reins so that their horse runs the fastest. But is that the solution?

We often tend to forget the bigger purpose of life, while our board exams overshadow everything as the most crucial phase. And parents, in this rat race, forget how miserable kids become in the entire process. The pressure to compete, to perform and to excel becomes overwhelming, sometimes making them succumb to suicide.

The campaign #ReleaseThePressure by Mirinda gets you all teary-eyed as a group of teenagers write letters to their parents telling them their worst fears – the fear of failure, the fear to disappoint them, the fear to not live up to the expectations – and it’s every bit heart-wrenching to see the parents go through those letters.

As they say, it is easier to build a child than to repair an adult, so let’s make sure we are building good and happy humans on the earth than just competitors.

Watch the video to understand better what your child has always wanted to say to you:

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is the filmy keeda of the classroom, often found swaying to Bollywood songs but, vouching for Shakespearean literature at the same time. Most often trying to figure out her favorite between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, she otherwise writes to quench her soul, yes that’s what describes our content writer. You can check out her musings at @Dramchi

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