Practo brings comic relief to healthcare

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From scary calls from hospitals to health insurance advertisements, the media is littered with unpleasant references and situations when it comes to healthcare. Amidst all this clutter, doctor-discovery and appointment platform Practo uses humor to diffuse the seriousness of illness and also build its brand.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi made Yoga a worldwide movement, Practo decided to add its unique voice to the Yoga Day content by asking us to stretch a little with these hilarious asanas at work.

Here we talk to Varun Dubey, AVP Marketing at Practo, about the campaign and how the company is using content to separate itself from the rest.

Practo stands out from almost every brand in terms of how they design tongue-in-cheek digital campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. What is the idea behind it?

Healthcare as a segment has been built upon communication, which is fear-mongering. We wanted to change that and stand out as a brand that is more approachable. Making people engage with content without making them anxious forced us to think hard and take inspiration from our daily lives to come up with such campaigns. The idea remains simple – evoke a smile rather than scare people.

How was the response on the digital campaign, ‘Every Day Yoga Day’?

It’s been phenomenal! ‘Every Day Yoga Day’ so far has been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook with a reach of over 2 million people.

How important is it to leverage digital medium to promote your product?

Practo aims to help mankind live healthier and longer lives. The digital medium has an important role to play in communicating to our users the benefits of using Practo. We want people to be comfortable with the concept of booking an appointment with doctors through an app. They can find the right doctor, clinic, hospital, and diagnostic labs, all on one platform. Using pop culture and humor on a digital platform also helps build instant recall amongst users.

How do you measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign?

Our success metric is defined by how many people have engaged with the campaign and how successful we were in increasing awareness about Practo. We ensure, people remain engaged with our content and that they understand the core benefits of using Practo for their healthcare needs.

What do you feel about the power of new-age content marketing?

 Consumers are becoming brand-averse and hard-sell communication does not work anymore. The new age is all about content that consumers would like to engage with and will give information to help them solve problems, whether it is immediate or in the near future. Strong content marketing also helps build a connection with consumers. More than the tangible benefits, these days’ consumers are looking for brands, which they can trust and rely on any time of the day, and some of that trust building can only be done through effective communication.

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati Dasgupta

Debarati is a senior content writer at BoringBrands. She churns out blogs and social media content for clients, when not busy fantazising and writing about her travel adventures. Debarati has previously worked as a correspondent with Reuters News and as a copy editor with HT Mint. Find her on Twitter @DasguptaDebbie

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