Repairing gadgets got easier with RepairEasy

Repairing gadgets got easier with RepairEasyA problem always has a solution; and demand always opens up avenues for supply. Taking cue from this mantra, Naveen Goyal, Co-founder of Repaireasy.intook note of the untapped market of easy gadget repair solutions, and embarked on a journey to organize this sector. Expanding drastically, RepairEasy plans to serve all of India soon. MarkUp highlights their marketing and growth hacks.

How and why did you come up with the idea of RepairEasy?

I wanted to simplify digital lives of people.Gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets or PCs are never discarded. Everyone has the habit of getting devices repaired. There is a huge demand for repairing gadgets but the supply of organized repair service providers is very low. Customers had to rely on the OEM service centers or local repair vendors with a constant going back and forth, to get devices fixed. Other factors of concern were warranty and reliability. Considering all these factors, I came up with the idea of – a platform that offers organized gadget repair solutions backed by reliability and quality. With a view to give customers complete satisfaction,the USPs were tailor-made. Their USPs include free pick up and drop of the device from anywhere in India along with extended warranty.I shared this idea with my best friend, Rishi Wahi, who is also a co-founder of We believed,the concept of organized repair would work and rolled out a bootstrapped operation in 2013.

What marketing tools do you use for building brand awareness?

For a brand, it is always essential to communicate with consumers. Today there are many mediums to be in news. We follow a 360-degree approach to constantly touch-base with customers. Apart from the regular on-ground direct sales and marketing with the team, digital platform plays a key role in feeding customers with news on latest services, upcoming contests/initiatives and much more. In addition to the social media RepairEasy also uses print and online mediums to build awareness. Also, a recent radio ad stunt helped the brand spread awareness.

What marketing strategies helped you get your first 1000 customers?

For any brand to succeed, quality workmanship and convenient service is very important. We customized our service with some unique propositions like free pick up and drop of the device anywhere in India and extended warranties, which instilled faith in our customers. We highlighted our key strengths like professional team of technicians, great turnaround time and quality of service through social media, which developed a great fan base for us.Our growth hack mantra is to create thousands of brand ambassadors who have experienced our services.

Define your competition.

Competition is more or less unorganized,road-side (mom-n-pop stores) that do not offer convenience, warranty, credibility, speed, quality spares and workmanship, customer service,and constant communication.

What strategies have you employed to stay ahead in the game?

Convenience, speed and quality are the three virtues of RepairEasy. We created processes with the customer as the focal point.It was the convenience of free pick up and drop with other add-ons like extended warranty and short turnaround time that has made us today the preferred gadget repair solution provider.

What content marketing strategies helped you scale up your business?

Online engagement has come a long way and has helped startups like immensely. We constantly engage with our target audience through technology forums and communities. Blogs are also another way of reaching out to today’s youth. We also employ contests to engage.

What are your future plans with RepairEasy?

While we are already present across the length and breadth of Maharashtra, we plan to be a pan-India operator in the next 12-18 months’ time with 8–10 repair hubs that will cater to the entire country.

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

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