Say ‘hola’ to the chef behind Holachef

Say ‘hola’ to the chef behind HolachefHolachef, founded in 2014 promises to bring the world’s best cuisines from the master chefs’ kitchen right to your doorstep. In a candid interview with MarkUp, Saurabh Saxena, Founder &CEO at Holachef talks about his personal and professional journey that led to the discovery of this successful food startup.

How did Holachef start?

The search for a go-to place for food, no matter what the occasion is led to Holachef.The idea of Holachef is more than just being a mere ‘food service’; it is romance between food and our emotions.
Food is an extremely personal choice and an intrinsic part of our daily lives, andHolachef is what you need when you are setting up an impressive meal for friends or when you just want to sit at home, watch your favorite movie and enjoy your favorite dish all by yourself. You will always find something new and exciting on our menu – from exotic food to the comfort of a homely meal.

Be it a solo-dinner, lunch with colleagues, a sudden guest’s arrival at home or even when one is simply feeling blah — the answer is to have some good food.  That’s what Holachef is all about.

Define a usual day in your life.

My day starts with spending some quality time with my 4-year-old daughter. Usually, she talks and I listen.After that, I go for a run in the park and then cherish a hot cup of tea with my family. From 10 am to 9 pm I am usually at office or out for meetings. I try to reach home before my daughter’s bed time so that we can read a book together or do some crazy artwork like colouring Mickey Mouse in brown, yellow and pink.

If not this, what else would you have been doing?

MaybeI would have been a cricketer. In fact, I had kept wickets and opened batting for my school, state under-15’s team, and then for IIT Bombay cricket team in inter-IIT tournaments. Sports management has also held my interest for quite a bit.

Define yourself as an entrepreneur.

I believe, an entrepreneur is as good as his team. So, my focus has always been on building a strong team of people that can take responsibility and make things happen.

Is there a role-model you look up to – someone who plays a significant role in your success story?

Rahul Dravid. I would like to emulate every quality that he has ever exhibited. I saw him play for the first time when I was in 4th standard. He has been my hero since then. In my personal network too there are people who have inspired me in various ways; their contribution has been immense in my journey so far.

What are your future plans for Holachef?

The vision ofHolachef is to dominate food services market and become a world-class lifestyle brand in the food and beverage category. We are currently working on building a lovable brand in Mumbai and Pune and we wish to take Holachef to other cities soon.

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