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There are gaps, at physical and spiritual level that needs bridging. In an attempt to fill up these gaps, in the most holistic manner, The Silver Lining was formulated. Trying to carve out a niche in the digital space to let people know about their healing services, The Silver Lining is here to change perspectives. Aman Chandra, CEO of The Silver Lining, shares his journey with MarkUp.

Why and how did you start The Silver Lining?

I am an emotionally driven person. Happiness and satisfaction, when experienced, was always felt deeply (same goes with sadness and grief). Over the years I realised, nothing made me happier than being able to help another individual and make even the slightest improvement in his/her life. For example, if I saw a batch mate back in school sitting alone, I would always be inclined to go up and see what I could do.

When I began my corporate career, I felt severely out of place. I didn’t like what I saw. Shallowness, madness, hurriedness, lack of true friendship, vanity, and the race for money and power, coupled with other realities of today’s world hit me hard. I wanted to somehow bring about a change;help people take a step back and reflect;realize that their health is important, their families are more important than running after money, and that true happiness lies in making others happy.

Also, since as I was a little boy, I was introduced to the field of holistic living and healing through my mother’s association with Pranic healing. She’s been a healer for over 20 years now. The benefits of healing and the practical tools of empowerment, which I received have personally helped me immensely over the years, and I wanted to take this to the masses; atleast make them understand how they can actually live a much better, and much more empowered life. I knew, if more people had access to holistic healing and empowerment, the world would become a better place overall. That’s how The Silver Lining was born- to make this world a better place for all.

What got you interested in this subject? Is there any particular person who played a consequential role in your journey in this path?

As briefly mentioned in the previous answer, my own personal experience with the field of holistic healing is what got me interested in it. As both a seeker and an expert, I realize what both sides are in need of, and I trying am to fill these gaps.

A seeker is grossly unaware of the benefits of this field, how it works, what its benefits are, and how to adopt it in one’s daily life. A healer doesn’t have a dedicated platform to spread the awareness of his/her work. The Silver Lining aims to bridge these gaps.And yes, I guess the fact that my mother has been a healer for over 20 years did influence me and build my curiosity towards this field.

Alternative healing therapy is still at a very nascent stage in India. What marketing hacks have you employed to create your brand’s space amidst your target audience’s mind?

We, at The Silver Lining, strongly believe that our industry is better summarized by the terms ‘holistic healing therapy’. We do not use the word ‘alternative’, as these healing systems are actually not a substitute or something to turn to after everything else has failed. The term ‘holistic’ simply means taking note of a discomfort that doesn’t take place just at the physical level; it is addressed at a mind-body-spiritual level. If we trace back to our roots, these healing systems have always existed and were used well before traditional medicine was born. This in no way is an attempt to undermine modern medicine, but simply to help people realize that we have infinite capacity to heal ourselves, if only we trust our bodies and learn how to treat it naturally.

To reach our target audience, we employ a hack that entails asking people to share what it is that is troubling them (on our online platform), and let them receive responses from the healers themselves, wherein these responses are always aimed at educating and building a connect.This is different from simply talking about what holistic healing is, what are its types, etc. We aim to reach out to people looking for answers to health, relationship, financial prosperity, and other well-being related concerns.

Define your target audience.

This is a tricky question. We’ve tried to answer this several times and used various parameters such as demographics, location, income, interest, and etc. However, we’ve concluded that anyone in any well-being crisis is our target audience. But not everyone can probably afford these services, so we also believe that they must be from the mid to high income brackets.

What marketing or social media strategies have helped you get your first 1000 customers?

We’re focussing on an educational content promotion strategy. We try to create fun and exciting content to educate our seekers, and help them realize benefits of this field, so that they become willing to experience it.

We’re also relying on word-of-mouth to build a trustworthy brand. We try to ensure each seeker has great experience and we continually take feedbacks from them.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced while executing marketing strategies during the initial stages of The Silver Lining?

I think the biggest challenge has been figuring out who the target audience is, and tailoring our messages to have an impact on them. Since building a need for this service is also a part of our marketing objective, not every marketing strategy has been action-oriented. Several campaigns have been purely information based.

We all have a latent need for holistic healing and personal growth services, as there’s always something that we’d like to improve in our lives. Transforming this latent need into a real need is our biggest challenge.

Also, building credibility about the entire field of healing has been a challenge, as many people still don’t believe in this concept in India. In abroad, it is still more widely accepted.

What social media channels have worked best for you?

We’ve tried several channels. Facebook has been the best so far!

Would you like to share any marketing tips with our readers?

Do your research to understand your target audience and try to narrow them down as much as possible. Lastly, always talk about an experience and not just about your product.

The best companies sell experiences, not products!

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

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