The Marketing Firecrackers

Remember how, as a kid, we all waited with bated breath to watch that cracker burst? Those few seconds of anticipation, followed by applause and laughter. That is exactly what Diwali campaigns do to consumers and marketers – the ones that make you homesick,or the ones that give you gifting ideas, and make you nostalgic.

MarkUp will take you on a tour of all that happened in the marketing world during Diwali, 2016.

SurfExcel – As an extension of the popular ‘DaagAccheHai’ campaign, SurfExcel came up with another advertisement. It shows everyone celebrating the festival with new clothes and decorations, but there are a bunch of kids who want to fill lives of the not-so-privileged with the same happiness. The film spreads the message of sharing your joy with everyone during the festive season.


Tanishq–The new television commercial, promoting the company’s new ‘Shubham’ collection, revolves around different moments of Diwali celebrations across the country. It captures the joy of families and friends as they gift one another pieces of Tanishq jewelry. The jovial background track adds to the festive mood. The #TanishqwaliDiwalicampaign manages to tug at your heartstrings.


Pepperfry –Pepperfry’s ‘Is Diwali,kuchbadalkedekhiye’ campaign is more about making space for new, and welcoming change in people. The TVC aims to get users to make a change in their mindset, reach out to people around them, and take some positive actions. The film looks clean in execution and has subtle messaging. It does the intended job, but is also lighter when compared with other festive ads.


Citibank- The banker came up with a Diwali ad for all dog lovers. Citibank’s #WhatsYourDiwaliDelight campaign promises to spread festive joy to all your loved ones, including your pets who suffer the most due to noise pollution during Diwali. It was possibly one of the cutest ads around during this period.


#AeDilKiDiwali- How can Bollywood stay away from Diwali celebrations! This year,the film fraternity geared up to get people to watch Karan Johar’s ‘Ae DilHai Mushkil’through promotions and #AeDilKiDiwalihashtag. The trailers were everywhere and every song release reminded people what not to miss this Diwali. Because after all, where there is drama, there is Dharma.


Flip with Dell– This ad portrays the multitasking generation juggling between home and work,and how their moods flip effortlessly between ‘office’ and ‘festive’, just like their Dell laptop. What sets this festive campaign apart from others is its subtlety and how it weaves the product in the story by cashing in on all major trends.


PaperBoat– While all brands were greeting consumers with commercials, PaperBoat came up with a unique idea of gift boxes – festive drinks stowed in gorgeously designed tin boxes that symbolizes prosperity.It’s not just the drinks that made the gift boxes epic, but editions of the Ramayana in two of the gift boxes – one by RK Narayan, and the other by Amar Chitra Katha – that took the cake. paperboat-boxes


Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi Bhargav

Vidhi is a visualizer by day and a budding writer by night. You can usually find her doodling, reading or prepping for treks to the Himalayas. @KutchToBhi

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