TrulyMadly & AIB take a jab on dating stigma with ‘Watchboyz’

After the hilarious interpretation of the Creep Qawali, dating app TrulyMadly joined hands once again with AIB; and this time it is all about the Watchboyz featuring Kamla Bai, wherein four watchmen and a bai apologize to single women (living on rent) for judging them and putting them through the daily ‘walk of shame’. The apology is portrayed in the form of a boy-band song with a special sprint of rap by Kamla Bai.

Sachin Bhatia, CEO and Co-founder of TrulyMadly talks to us about changing content-consuming patterns, importance of digital platforms, the Watchboyz and more.

How successfully do you think has the brand leveraged growing clout of the digital medium to promote its product?

From day 1, we have always been digital; in the course of our journey, we have experimented with radio and television platforms, but our core strength is 99 per cent digital because the growth of our app has happened through digital medium. Over the last few months, we have witnesses, more and more video content is being consumed over phones and tabs; this shows a paradigm shift in how content is being consumed in our country, and we are at par with industry trends.

Our latest video the Watchboyz was shared intensively on Facebook, YouTube and other social media podiums and the response has been extremely good, and it’s all organic. So far we have garnered 70K views on YouTube…

What are the challenges TrulyMadly faces in promoting a dating app in India, given our cultural conditioning and societal pressures?

For us, the first step is to make dating less of a taboo. We interact with many focus groups, and we encourage one-to-one interactions with our users so as to understand how our target audience perceive the concept of dating. For some, going on a date could mean going for coffee, for some holding hands and taking a walk could mean dating, and for some dating is about starting a brand new relationship. We are trying to re-define notions of dating in India. Dating here, is not an established concept, and we want to change this thought process; dating is normal and we want to separate the stereotype associated with it.

With #BoyBrowsing, Creep Qawali and the Watchboyz, your primary target audience has been women. Why?

Dating on apps revolve around decision-making power of women folk. It is mostly a women’s choice and decision that takes the process forward. In our TVC, Boy Browsing, we have depicted how girls check out cute boys, and that is totally natural and normal. That’s our main brand positioning.

Most of the brands portray how women should be prim-and-proper to woo eligible men and impress them; we depict just the opposite. We have designed the app to appeal to women majorly. Every profile is well-verified so that we can build a trust-quo. We verify social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, government-approved IDs, and we even have a provision wherein 2 female friends of a man can verify their profile. What we want is to tackle safety factors on dating apps, making it a secure platform, because women play the most important part on digital dating space and otherwise.

In Creep Qawali, we have shown women openly debasing all social media creeps and in the Watchboyz we have shown how nobody has the right to judge a woman on who she dates and what she chooses to do; who you date is purely your business.

Today, every brand wants to work with an AIB. Why work with offbeat content creators instead of mainstream advertising/marketing agencies?

It has always been a successful attempt when you blend humor with social messages, and AIB does it brilliantly. AIB understands us well and their references are absolutely to the point.

In recent times, we have noticed, it is very important to entertain your target audience while positioning your brand message in their mind spaces so as to have a recall value.

What do you feel about the power of new-age content marketing?

Content marketing is evolving and growing like never before. In fact, we have pioneered a few parts of content marketing in India. For instance, we were the first ones to use cinema graphs on Instagram to depict short and cute love stories. Content marketing is ever-elusive and is getting more and more powerful as we speak. GIFs, vlogs, videos, and etc. are getting consumed in huge manner. Today’s consumer doesn’t have patience; he/she will read or see a piece of content if it is catchy or interesting, and that’s how we develop our strategies too.


Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

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