UrbanClap: building trust like family


UrbanClap (UC) did it again! Implementing learnings from past campaigns, they have cracked apt brand messaging for their delivery services with their latest ad campaign #JustLikeFamily. With the vision to create more awareness and get more people to trust and use UC, the essence of the campaign attempted to resonate with the target audience. Find out what went behind making of this campaign by Suhail Vadgaokar, VP – Customer Experience, Brand & PR.

What was the motive behind your latest campaign #JustLikeFamily?

The aim of the creative was to showcase the high bar of quality that UrbanClap maintains while onboarding professionals on to the platform. By equating them with family it shows the level of trust we can deliver. We also wanted the ad to be light-hearted with a touch of emotion, and felt it could be done best by relating our services with family members.

Please share any learnings from past campaigns that you have incorporated in this campaign.

We had done a campaign for Mother’s Day. The aim of that film was to tell the audience, a lot of services for which service professionals are hired were once done by your mom.  The film was a huge success and definitely helped us in establishing connection with our target audience. This film also helped us realize how association with something as personal as family helps people across demographics in relating easily.

UrbanClap: building trust like family

How did the brainstorming session for this campaign look like? Did you face any challenges while strategizing?

It took us almost five months to finalize the concept of this film. We definitely knew from the beginning that we wanted to showcase quality and trust of our platform, but the question was how? Since the scope of UrbanClap is quite vast, it was a challenge to talk about our quality as well as services in a short ad. Initially we thought of going the comic route and had finalized on a concept but we changed that last minute as we were quite sure that for our launch film on TV we wanted the ad to touch our audience’s heart.

Is there a shift of brand positioning that you are trying to achieve with this campaign?

Our brand has always been about being a homely and endearing brand. What we do as an organization is to help people sort out problems in their homes and daily lives by hiring services easily. That’s the identity and positioning of the brand we have and will continue to keep.

UrbanClap: building trust like family

What is the response expected with this campaign in terms of downloads?

The expected impact of the campaign is two-pronged. We definitely want our downloads and daily requests numbers to at least double if not be higher than that, but we’d also like this ad to get our audience to understand what our brand and organization stands for. It’s important, they realize how committed we are on building a platform that delivers trust.

How extensively do you plan to explore the campaign across channels?

The campaign will run across TV channels and digital mediums (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and etc.) extensively throughout the month of September post which we will continue to run it with reduced frequency for at least a year.

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