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The recent campaign of Wedding Wishlist – ‘Wedding Gift Scanner’ is making some serious noise. The ad film has successfully grabbed attention, while posing reality check on the persistent issue of selecting the best and most appropriate wedding gifts for the newlyweds. Most of the times, guests keep wondering what should they get for the new couple, and most of the times they end up gifting irrelevant things. To tap this space, Wedding Wishlist for formulated in an attempt to organize gift planning. CEO and Founder of Wedding Wishlist, Kanika Subbiah talks about the ad campaign, her journey, future plans and more with MarkUp.

The latest ad campaign was a tricky concept. How has the response been so far? How did you rope in Wedding Wishlist’s brand essence in this ad campaign?

 The idea stemmed from a desire to express the quintessential bad gifting syndrome that exists at all weddings much to the dismay of the newlyweds.Gifts received by couples include the redundant, recycled, irrelevant and tacky that often leave a bad taste in the mouth. This short video captures the essence of wedding gifting dilemma with elements of humor and entertainment that is vividly expressed by the gift inspector scanning each gift and giving feedback to guests. It brings to light the kind of gifts couples receive from their wedding guests, as well as the fact that most guests are at a loss for what to give to the couple so they resort to recycled and redundant gifts. Digital video, content, and social experiment all wrapped in one film provides viewers food for thought and questions traditional norms and gifting ideas. Bad gifts are a reality of Indian weddings and the only way to get the right gifts one wishes for, is to create a Wishlist!

 Having said that, as far as the brand essence of the campaign is concerned,‘wedding gift scanners’ were placed at select weddings. These scanners were x-ray machines, the kind you see at airport security, where gifts had to be kept on a belt and then scanned. These were manned by ‘Wedding Gift Inspectors’ who checked the quality of each gift and marked the gifts against the entering guests.When guests understood their gifts were actually being checked for quality they were shocked. Some resisted the checking, most were surprised but relented, and some found it rude. At which point the ‘Wedding Gift Inspectors’ revealed that it was a social experiment. The objective was to capture the typical wedding gifts couples receive, and convey the message that with a Wishlist, a couple can avoid all this wastage, and rather receive the wedding gifts that are relevant to their married life based on their unique needs, tastes and post-wedding living situation.

How has your journey been so far?

The concept in itself is the biggest USP and driving force, considering there has been no attempt in the wedding gifting space in India thus far.

With a wishlist that is simple to create, guests can choose gifts that fit their budget, and even choose to gift together, ensuring that each gift is meaningful, unique and cherished by the couple. This is the key value proposition of Wedding Wishlist, a distinct wedding service in the Indian market. Couples can also choose to create their unique wedding website, manage RSVP’s and even send out thank you cards to their guests through Wedding Wishlist.

Moreover, the online wedding gift market in India remains fragmented and disorganized. Wedding Wishlist is the first attempt to cater to the growing population of young prospective couples, both of who are working, well-travelled and are exposed to the concept of wedding registries and for such individuals this is the need of the hour. An app will soon be launched in the coming months to lend additional value & ease to our customers.

Tell us about the working dynamics of your venture.

Using Wedding Wishlist is as easy as 1-2-3 or create-share-receive!Prospective couple creates a list of exactly the things they need/desire, and share it with their guests. Purchased gifts are received by the couple as per their delivery preference!The couple’s Wishlist serves as a guide for the guests who can choose a gift that appeals to them as well as fits into their budget. As guests shop, the couple can use the ‘Gift Tracker’ to review purchases and contributions. Upon the purchase of a listed item, the Wedding Wishlist planner will update the couple accordingly. The system helps prevent the receipt of duplicate or unwanted gifts, potentially saving time for both the giver and the recipient.

Wedding Wishlist – making gifting solutions easier

What hurdles have you faced during the initial growing stage of your company? How did you overcome them?

Like every startup, the issues are in the areas of execution and operation. Finding the right talent pool and marketing are two main challenges. It’s not like jewellery, which people understand. Ours is a concept, which needs explaining in a manner that is simple

Wedding planning is expanding drastically. Do you have any interesting collaborations in the pipeline?

We plan to tie-up with progressive partners in the wedding channel as well as sellers to selectively expand our portfolio of products.

What are you working next on?

Expanding our portfolio of products and experiences across a range that continues to be handpicked across a wide range of offerings that appeal to our target market including new introductions across a range of services in addition to our soon-to-launch mobile app are some of our core focus areas. This is supported by on ground events, partnerships in collaboration with likeminded partners as well as exclusive off ground events owned and executed by Wedding Wishlist.

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