‘Women Power’ – a jargon no more; thanks to brand campaigns

It’s a yearly ritual – the sad reality that we must bring up women equality, empowerment, and emancipation every time is enough to prove how terribly the society is messed up. And 8th March is just one of those days when the murmurs turn into roars, but die down equally soon. The candle marches, the parliamentary debates, the umpteen laws, amidst other such brouhaha.

However, every small drop in the ocean counts. The speed could be increased, but the conscious acceptance and abidance to the need of the change is reason enough to cheer.

And to address it, every International Women’s Day, many brands come out to show what they feel needs to be done to improve the situation, with campaigns, advertisements that are articulate and savvy.

We bring to you the five best campaigns this Women’s Day that made us stand up and applaud the brands.

Break the bias

This one by Titan Raga is beautiful. The ad shows how typical our thought process has become over time and it’s even worse at workplaces. It manages to trigger a discussion on how a woman is perceived at the workplace and the way her relations are scrutinized. Guess it is time to #BreakTheBias?

Live for yourself

What’s the big deal about a 50+ woman going on an all girl’s trip to Goa? In India, it’s plain odd, but for the woman, it is an opportunity to simply have some fun! Starring the wonderful Renuka Shahane, the #JeeLeZara campaign is a fresh take by Reliance Fresh on why at any age, women have the full choice to leave aside commitments towards others and start living for themselves. No strings attached, indeed!

Check Out My Game

This has been a year of glorious women – in sports, films, politics, we see them everywhere. Star Sports picked the best of the lot and brought together the #CheckOutMyGame campaign. Starring shuttler PV Sindhu and gymnast Dipa Karmakar, among others, the ad tells people how she is more than just a pretty face; the records broke, medals and achievements are what make her.

Be wherever you want

No brand face, no emotional tags- Urban Ladder chose just words.  The #ReclaimYourSpace campaign urges women to ‘reclaim their space’ and be where they belong, which is not the kitchen or the bar, but ‘wherever the hell they damn well please’. The minimalistic execution makes use of sounds, superimposed on text which stands out against a bold red background.

No more talking

While this one went viral because of who was doing it, actress Kriti Sanon probably delivered her best performance to date in this short one-minute video. The video puts across a strong message that mere talks about women empowerment do not give women the authority and freedom to lead their lives in their own way. The video further says, ‘Meanwhile, our streets are still unsafe and others still decide what we should wear. All we do is talk.’

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya Sharma

Chhaya is the filmy keeda of the classroom, often found swaying to Bollywood songs but, vouching for Shakespearean literature at the same time. Most often trying to figure out her favorite between Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani, she otherwise writes to quench her soul, yes that’s what describes our content writer. You can check out her musings at @Dramchi

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