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Bhawna Agarwal ceo,one of India’s leading source for technology news, comprehensive product reviews, and exclusive deals was one of the big winners at the prestigious South Asian Digital Media Awards held recently. Gadgets 360 won the Best New Product (Gold) award, jointly presented by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, and Google.

Commenting on this Bhawna Agarwal, CEO, Gadgets360 said, “The gadget e-commerce market in India has exploded, but we believe it hasn’t reached its full potential just yet. It is an exciting time for us, and Gadgets360 has interesting offerings and product innovations lined up in the coming months.”

Being a woman techie in the male-dominated field, Bhawna has truly carved out a niche for herself. With over 16 years of experience in leading startups of the country, she has been instrumental in setting and scaling up some of the biggest brands in the country.

Today she talks to MarkUp about her plans of making Gadgets360, India’s number one website for everything gadgets related.

Define the USP of

The USP of Gadgets 360 lies in our unique hybrid model. We are neither an e-commerce portal, nor a content portal. We curate content and commerce on a single platform for the gadget-loving population of the country. Our core expertise is that we understand gadgets, and content forms the backbone of our platform. We ensure, content remains neutral and unbiased, while commerce stays commerce. There is an interesting engagement between the two on our platform.

What role do you play as the CEO of this tech startup?

As CEO, my goal is simple – Gadgets 360 should be the ultimate destination for gadgets and all gadgets’ needs in India and across the globe. To realize this vision, we are constantly searching for new growth avenues for the business in terms of product innovations, new verticals to tap into and strengthening the product line-up.

What latest trends are doing the rounds in the high-tech gadgets industry of India?

For me, today the gadget industry has somewhere become synonymous with mobiles. The mobile is one such gadget that has touched everybody’s lives, becoming a gateway to the gadget world for them. Currently, I believe it is the most powerful screen. In 2016, smartphone market has exploded, and India has emerged as the second largest smartphone market in the world. With the advent of 4G, mobile commerce can further expect aggressive growth in revenues. The online channel has a strong role to play in purchase of one out of every three smartphones purchased in India. 

How is this portal helping the Indian consumer?

I think I would best describe us as one of the deepest tech and gadget verticals, unlike any other in the country.  We help our consumers choose the right device for their gadget-needs, direct them to the best deals available on the device, assist our consumers to best use the gadgets they already own, and we also sell gadgets. Our focus is to continually understand what our consumer needs and desires. We have stayed true to our core strength i.e. content, and diversified within the purview of our strength without compromising it.

What marketing hacks did you employ to scale up your portal? What social media strategies did you employ to get more viewership?

Often new businesses take the route of fast growth based on high acquisition costs. We believe, it is a fast crumbling road; the more you spend, the more you scale, but you scale inorganically and it may not ensure longevity of the business. In the beginning, therefore, we relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and the credibility of our content. The idea behind employing a strong organic traffic strategy was to ensure long-term, sustainable growth for our platform while keeping the acquisition costs very realistic.

What is your business-model like?

As mentioned above, our business model is a unique hybrid model. We bring curated content and commerce to our consumers. We are the only tech platform in the country that has managed to successfully bring together content, commerce and community for one segment.

Define your target audience.

Any and every individual who owns a gadget, aspires to own a particular gadget and the gadget lover who wants to know everything about the world of gadgets.

Tell us about your future expansion plans.

Our newest innovation has been the launch of our Hindi Gadgets360 mobile app. The effort here is to reach out to people in their own language; the app has been positively received and we will be launching various product innovations in the coming months.

We are also focused on building an ecosystem of consumer engagement, acquisition and retention to qualify as a long-term player in this segment. We will achieve this through technology-enabled product innovation, more compelling content and greater outreach (that will be supported by the launch of our multilingual apps). 

Did you face any challenges during the initial setting-up stage of this website? How did you overcome them?

When we were in the initial stages of setting up the platform, competition was very intense and the e-commerce marketplace was plagued with deep discounting and almost unrealistic return policies. Faced with those odds, we decided to focus on value-for-money proposition than deep discounting; and in a market space where e-retail players were making massive spends on acquiring customers, we took a tougher route wherein we continued to focus on efficient optimization with regards to customer acquisition and grew our traffic organically.



Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

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