Zivame quirks it up with new campaign – #SalesmanWaliBra

Lingerie shopping is a tricky affair, and Zivame’s latest #SalesmanWaliBra ad campaign is perhaps the only lingerie advertisement you can watch with your family and share a laughter too!

Team Zivame talks to us about what went behind formulating this awesome campaign.

Saying the word Bra out loud invites a lot of unwanted attention in our society. How did you work your way around this problem while executing the campaign?

There has always been a certain sense of social discomfort surrounding the category, making it difficult for women to indulge in one of their most intimate needs. As a brand, we have always focused on uplifting the category and making it more acceptable and enjoyable. Even in our previous campaign, we showed women from different life stages and strata speak out the word ‘bra’ in the most natural way possible on national television. We decided to put the category out there to weed off the taboos and social discomfort surrounding it. You can also see the same format applied to the treatment of our current campaign as well. We showed women, speaking about lingerie in the boldest and most confident way possible. This would trigger a similar behavior amongst viewers, who will no longer shy away from the category. We also believe, acceptance or unwanted attention is an outcome of how the message is showcased. We have done it with due respect to redefine the category, thereby attracting only positive reactions.

During the survey, what were the most common lingerie-buying woes that cropped up?

We conducted various consumer studies across metros and non-metros to understand the lingerie-buying behavior of women from different life stages and strata. The consumer research brought to light, the emotion of every woman who has had the #salesmanwalibra experience. Lot of women agreed, though lingerie is the most basic and intimate need, there has always been a discomfort of being judged while shopping for the same. Also, due to limited shelf space at physical stores, women have had to compromise on the styles and sizes suitable for them. Through the TVC, we showcased solutions for the common lingerie shopping woes that most women face across the country. We urged women to re-think the way they have been shopping currently and opt for an alternative that is more convenient, private and enjoyable.

Do you think involving men in a bra campaign will further help dispel the stigma around buying something as basic as lingerie?

Men have always stayed away from the shopping experience but are actively deciding and giving inputs. However, lots of men have been active in persuading their wives or girlfriends to shop a particular kind of lingerie that they must have seen somewhere. We feel, gradually men will be involved in the bra campaign but as a motivation to help woman choose what they deserve.

Apart from the TVC, you also promoted the campaign on various social media platforms through GIFs and other visuals. How was the response?

We have received a tremendous response. We have not just witnessed an increase in sales but also realized, women are now moving away for the traditional styles to fashionable lingerie.

What do you feel about the growing power of new-age content marketing?

In today’s digital age customers are spread across various platforms, which makes it all the more challenging and exciting for communication experts. Through content marketing approach, a brand reaches out to the right ‘Target Audience’ through relevant and consistent content to drive profitable consumer action.


Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka Chakrabarti

Priyanka heads the content department at BoringBrands. You can usually find her hard at work creating path-breaking content strategies for the startup ecosystem or online, tweeting about her blog on all things fashion and lifestyle. Priyanka has previously worked as a journalist for The Times Group, Creative Nest Media and Hindustan Times. Find her on Twitter @PriyankaTLP

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